Remember when we were kids and our parents and grandparents would give us their little nuggets of wisdom that they believed to be the best life hacks? Although well-intentioned they sometimes left us scratching our heads and are often hilariously outdated in today’s world. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and revisit some of these classic pieces of advice.

Always Carry A Dime For A Pay Phone

In today’s world of smartphones and digital wallets, having spare change on hand for the odd payphone seems about as relevant as keeping a spare quill pen.

Source: Pexels/Frank Schrader

The sentiment of always being prepared for emergencies is a valid one but it is more relevant to have a backup for your electronic device failures. Maybe keep a battery pack to charge your phone if it dies instead.

Don’t Sit Too Close to the TV, or You’ll Go Cross-Eyed

As the last couple decades have proven, our eyes are pretty resilient. The amount of screen-time had by most on screens of all sizes, is documented all without any risk of permanent crossing. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about our mental health.

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Too much screen time can stress your eyes but there are remedies for it. You can turn on your blue light filters and binge-watch your favorite series without any worry about crossed eyes.

Stay With One Employer Your Whole Life

Unwavering loyalty to an employer was once a value highly sought after. However, in today’s job market, diversity and adaptability are what fuel success. Having a variety of experiences in your tool belt can be a big asset giving you the ability to showcase your versatility.

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Data also shows that companies hire out for more than they promote and are often willing to pay the new employee more than the current for the same role. Moving jobs seems to be the only way to get a significant pay raise or promotion.

You Won’t Always Have A Calculator

Thanks to the smartphones at our fingertips we do literally always have a calculator.

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So, don’t hesitate to use your calculator app for any math related emergency that comes your way.

Apply For The Job In Person

Although applying for a job in person may seem charming and like it might give you the extra edge, online applications have primarily become the norm in the digital age.

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There is always something to be said for face-to-face interactions and networking; just make sure you adapt to the modern world.

Get Your Masters

Being educated is important but getting your masters degree isn’t a guaranteed road to success.

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In today’s job market the focus is more on the relevance of the degree and your skill set rather than simply collecting degrees like trophies.

Stay Away From Credit Cards and Loans

In today’s world where credit scores really matter, steering clear of credit cards entirely might prove difficult.

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Using credit cards responsibly can help build a solid credit history and a high credit score allowing you to access a wide range of perks and opportunities.

Keep Spare Change In Your Car For Emergencies

Gas prices have increased dramatically since the good old days, so that bit of spare change might not cut it anymore.

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It’s a nice nostalgic idea, but instead keeping cash in your wallet or your digital wallet on hand might be a better way to go.

Don’t Take a Vacation if You Want That Promotion

Times have really changed and in today’s world personal time is now considered vital in maintaining a work-life balance.

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It’s crucial for mental health, and many companies encourage their employees to take time off to recharge.

Call At Night When The Phone Calls Are Cheaper

In the age of unlimited calling plans, the worry about making calls during peak hours feels like a thing of the past.

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Today you can make as many calls as you want at any time of day without worrying about costly phone bills.

Learn To Read A Paper Map

While it’s fun to learn new skills, your phone’s GPS apps and the one in your car have all but made paper maps obsolete.

Source:Pexels/ Dominika Roseclay

However knowing how to fold a map might earn you some brownie points!

Dress For The Job You Want

Though dressing professionally is important, showing up in a formal suit might not always be the best strategy for advancement. Today’s workforce is primarily younger generations and casual is cool in some companies.

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Being too formal will get you pigeon-holed as stuffy. Try to dress to suit the culture at your office.

Don’t Rent, Buy

In today’s real estate market and economy, buying a house is no longer a guarantee.

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Renting is starting to become a smart financial choice, especially considering skyrocketing housing prices and mortgage rates making owning a house out of reach for most people.

Protect Your Credit Card Imprints

Today’s credit cards have chip-and-pin technology, so worrying about carbon paper seems odd.

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It’s more important that you focus on securing your digital information instead.

Playing Video Games Will Fry Your Brain

Well it seems that the opposite is actually true. Turns out, video games can improve cognitive skills and problem-solving abilities.

Source: Ron Lach

Gaming is also not just for fun anymore it is considered by many people to be a job. A large amount of people make a full time living by streaming their game play online, or by competing in gaming championships.