Donald Trump is running for his second term as President of the United States of America, and after the way that his last administration ended, there are many who have particularly strong feelings about this campaign. Some are thrilled at the idea of a second Trump presidency, and on the other side of the coin, there are those who are absolutely terrified of what it might mean for America.

A Stunning Interview

Individuals who have been public about their concern regarding a second Trump presidency include not only liberal politicians and commentators, but people who once served in his administration. A recent interview with three such individuals highlights the concerns that some conservatives have about Trump.

Source: Youtube/ABC News

Former administration officials Alyssa Farah Griffin, Cassidy Hutchinson, and Sarah Matthews gave a joint interview this week where they made some stunning statements. They came together to warn America about what they see as the potential dangers, should Donald Trump win a second term in the White House.

Bold Claims From the Former Administration Officials

Cassidy Hutchinson is well known for being one of the administration staff who testified in the January 6 investigation that was led by Congress. Alyssa Griffin is a former communications director and now a member of The View, and she had some strong statements regarding Trump.

Source: Youtube/ABC News

In Jonathan Carl’s show on ABC News, Griffin stated in no uncertain terms that a second Trump presidency would be the end of democracy as we currently know it. She went on to criticize Trump for his claims that the 2020 election was rigged, a statement that he has continued to repeat in the years since despite the lack of evidence to support the claim.

Cassidy Hutchinson With Strong Words

Hutchinson had equally strong words for the former President. She accused him of being a “weak and feeble man,” referring to recent comments that Trump made. He “joked” that he would become a dictator on day one if he regained the global office, and the former officials of his administration took particular exception to that.

Source: Youtube/ABC News

Hutchinson went on to state that if Trump were to get the nomination from the Republican National Convention for President, that the “singular focus” should be defeating his run for the White House. This statement seemed to stun Jonathan Carl, and for good reason. All of these women are still registered Republicans, a fact that should underline how seriously they are taking this potential threat.

Principles Over Party Loyalty

Sarah Matthews, the former deputy press secretary who served under Trump, backed up Hutchinson’s claims. She stated that she had never voted for a Democrat a day in her life, but that if Trump were to get their party’s nomination, that she would put aside party principles and vote for democracy over party.

Source: Youtube/ABC News

These women are not the only ones who have made strong claims regarding a second Trump presidency, either. Former Congresswoman Liz Cheney has been vocal in her criticism of Trump ever since she left her position in the House of Representatives, and has alluded to a third-party run in order to split the Republican vote and defeat a second Trump term before it begins.

A Political Uproar

The interview caused quite a bit of uproar among Republicans, highlighting the divide within the party regarding Trump. The women of the former administration drew a clear contrast between the “never Trump” voters and the “only Trump” voters with their comments.

Source: TruthSocial/realDonaldTrump

Trump himself even responded to the interview in a series of posts on his social media platform Truth Social. While he didn’t disagree with the substance of what the women were saying, he attempted to paint them as liars or, at the very least, inconsistent, by drawing attention to positive comments that each of the women had made about him in the past.

Trump Trying to Deflect, Like Always

Trump even attempted to point out that Alyssa Farah was “hypocritical” due to an interview that she released in February of 2021. In the interview, she stated that she didn’t believe that re-litigating January 6 over and over again was beneficial for the country, or that it would ultimately change anyone’s minds.

Source: TruthSocial/realDonaldTrump

Trump’s posts are narrow-minded, though. They ignore the fact that people are allowed to change their minds when presented with new opinions and facts, and the women of his former administration made clear in their recent interview that their opinion on Trump has irrevocably changed, and for the negative.

Many Believe that 2024 is An Existential Moment

The Republican women’s comments highlight an issue that has become apparent in the leadup to the 2024 presidential election. There are many who see this election as existential, not only on the topic of the presidency but in the balance of power in general.

Source: Youtube/ABC News

Many political ads from Democrats have highlighted the tendency of Republicans to run on platforms that strip rights away from women and minorities, and emphasized the lukewarm response from Republicans regarding the January 6 attack on the capital. Some campaign ads have gone so far as to state that voters should act like democracy itself is on the ballot, and it appears that the women of Trump’s administration agree.

The Future Is Fluid, and Unpredictable

Whether Trump will ultimately be the Republican nominee for President remains to be seen. His legal troubles are ongoing and intensifying despite his delay tactics, and it’s entirely possible that the RNC will decide that Trump is simply too much bad press for them to publicly support.

Source: Youtube/ABC News

If he does get the formal nomination in spite of his 90+ felony convictions, though, there are many Republicans who have outwardly stated that they will do anything to keep him away from the White House again. The women of his former administration are merely the latest in a long line of Never Trump voters, and it will be interesting to see how the number will grow as the election grows ever nearer.